Compression Legging ¾ Donald Black


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Men’s compression 3/4 Pant.

This compression Legging allows preservation of ideal body temperature during training .

Compression/concentration effect preserves body temperature thus allowing greater performances, a better muscular preservation and a sensation of well-being during the training.

A fitted style legging, its flatlock seams marry the forms of your body, allows natural movements and offers an optimal aeration.

Fabric allows muscles recovery and includes excellent properties of evaporation of perspiration .To be used as top layer or below a running jacket, The design of this Legging mimics the anatomy of the abdominal muscles, and alveoli.

Anti-perspirant and soft, it is essential for your training!

Large signature logo in vertical at the level of the left thigh.

Composition: 80 % Polyester 12 % Polyamide 6% Elastane.

Our model wears size L / XL.

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