Compression T-shirt Douglas Black


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The Black Douglas sleeved technical T-shirt is a usable model for any type of sport, inside or outside: bodybuilding, fitness, running, ....

The technical nature of this training t-shirt provides the best results in terms of body thermoregulation. It can be worn like a second skin, with nothing underneath or above, up to -5 ° C, this T-shirt will regulate body temperature according to the ambient temperature.

The fabric allows a muscle recovery and comprises excellent wicking properties perspiration.

Effect compression / concentration which gets a better preservation of the body and the greater performances, a better muscular preservation and a sensation of well-being during the effort.

Its slim fit and flat seams hug the shape of your body, this shirt allows natural movements and provides optimal ventilation.

The particular characteristics of the microfiber Meryl ® Skinlife prevents the development of bacteria, by maintaining the biological balance of the skin and by reducing the bad smells.

Large signature logo on the chest.

Antiperspirant and soft, it is required for competitions.

Meryl: 92% Polyamide 8% Spandex Skinlife

Model is wearing size L / XL.

Recommended for:

All types of indoor sports: fitness, team sports ...
All types of outdoor sports: running, running, hiking ...

Most of the Product:

Technology Meryl Skinlife: Anti bacterial, anti allergy, Anti odors
Seamless: prevents friction