Running Sweatshirts Manao


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The product will replace your Jacket!

The Manao sweatshirt are designed for running in winter and rainy conditions and incorporate cutting-edge technology!

These sweatshirts are made of 2 materials, Waterproof Nylon at the belt and Teflon fleece with Hybridtex® Classic technology.

This textile coating offers 2 advantages:

its Teflon treatment prevents water from penetrating the fabric

it allows you to stay dry during training thanks to the absorption of perspiration by the material.

It combines with the Marvin Trousers or Mirco shorts to make sure you have no excuse for not training outside in cold or wet conditions.

Equipped with 2 blue side pockets with zips, so that you can carry your valuables safely.

The sweatshirts are available in colours: Grey, Black and Blue. The belt, zips and the belt string are blue. The zips are customised with the BodyCross logo.

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