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Sports leggings for women that inspire self-transcendence and with a very athletic style, will suit the sporty woman. Work on your physical condition with sports leggings in optimal comfort. In addition, the sports leggings while being comfortable are also stylish, which will allow you to wear them in the gym as well as in the city. Whether you are running or training, you will find the sports tights that suit you in our collection. And for fans of jogging pants, you will adopt our Caroline model.

The ideal women's running socks for all seasons.

Whatever the season, whenever you go running, you need running socks for your outing. Whether it's running shorts, running leggings or running trousers, you need to feel comfortable in your running socks. BodyCross designs socks for both indoor and outdoor sports. Made from breathable materials, with flat or seamless seams for a better feel and less discomfort, our socks, 2-in-1 shorts, leggings and trousers will give you an overall feeling of comfort.

Women's leggings designed for running.

Running leggings aren't just for the summer season. They can be worn all year round. The advantage of leggings is that they protect your muscles from the cold and keep them supple during your run or indoor sports activity, to prevent injury. The 3/4 legging or pantacourt is a stocking halfway between the long shorts and the leggings, and helps to support the thighs and knees as you run. Our running leggings have a small zipped pocket on the waistband for your keys or personal belongings. Some running leggings, like our CHRISSIE model, have zips at the ankles for quick donning.

Long shorts or trousers.

Choosing between long running shorts, which stop before the knee, or trousers, which go below the knee, can be difficult, but the important thing is that you're comfortable with the bottoms you're wearing so that your running remains fluid. A word of advice: if you wear long socks that go up to the knees, opt for long shorts to avoid a double layer on the knees.

Training trousers for indoor training.

You go to the gym to strengthen your muscles but want to feel comfortable in your bottoms. We've designed a pair of fleece trousers, our CAROLINE model, with a cut that will delight you and keep you comfortable during your strengthening session.

Now all you have to do is get your trainers on and get training!

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