Bodycross Technologies
Bodycross Technologies

Technical textiles are part of Bodycross' DNA.

Discovering new textile materials is essential in order to offer the best comfort to runners.

Technologie Rudolf Silver-Plus

SILVERPLUS® is the smartest and most innovative way for your textiles to economically and ecologically enter fresh new dimensions. The treated fabric has an anti-mite, anti-bacterial, anti-odour, anti-mold and anti-itch effect.

The SILVERPLUS® finish protects your textiles from unpleasant odours, even at low washing temperatures. The need to wash a textile due to unpleasant body odors will disappear. It also extends the life of the product.

Matières éco-recyclées

Bodycross relies on eco-recycled materials.
One of the first steps is to offer a polyester based plastic bottle.
In the near future, the entire production will be 100% eco-recycled!

Fibre Emana

The use of Emana® fiber provides better results than other garments in terms of body thermoregulation, and limits the accumulation of lactic acid, the cause of muscle fatigue.

The Emana® fiber is based on Rhodia 6.6 polyamide, which contains bio-active minerals that absorb body heat and release it in the form of infrared rays. This technology transforms human heat into energy.

Emana fiber is Oeko-tex and ISO 9001 certified.

Fibre Meryl Skinlife

Garments made of Meryl Skinlife® are comfortable, soft to the touch and have high performance. All our garments are created to meet the requirements of quality, durability and practicality in all conditions.

Running or training t-shirts in Meryl Skinlife fiber promote the evacuation of moisture thanks to the airy mesh. The silver particles contained in its manufacture prevent the development of bacteria, and the bacteriostatic agent prevents migration to the skin.

Technologie Hybridtex Classic

The HYBRIDTEX® CLASSIC from RUDOLF Group. is a textile covering that repels water and dirt. The hydrophilic finish makes the absorption moisturizing inside.

Hybrids are the combination of different products and processes with the aim of increasing or optimizing performance. The combination makes it possible to create new properties. Technically, hybrid is a system combining two different technologies. HYBRIDTEX® optimizes textile functions through hydrophobic/hydrophilic effects on a single fabric.

Technologie thermosoudée

One of the technical solutions of recent years is the seamless heat sealing of synthetic technical fabrics. Technological progress allows heat-sealing machines to obtain a technical effect, very aesthetic, and to guarantee comfort and high mechanical strength, much greater than that of traditional seams.

In sports textiles, and more precisely in the specific category of waterproof clothing, the technique of heat-welded waterproof strips is of particular interest, because it makes it possible to make the materials waterproof, air and fluids in general.