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Discovering new textile materials is essential in order to offer the best to runners.


Bodycross is focusing on eco-recycled materials. One of the first steps is to offer a polyester made from plastic bottles.

In the near future, the entire production will be100% eco-recycled!


SILVERPLUS® is the smartest and most innovative way for your textiles to economically and ecologically enter new fresh dimensions.

The SILVERPLUS® finish protects your textiles from unpleasant odors, even at low washing temperatures. The need to wash a textile due to unpleasant body odors will disappear. This also extends the product's lifespan.


One of the technical solutions in recent years is heat-setting, also known as thermo-welding, for seamless synthetic technical fabrics. Technological advancements allow thermo-welding machines to achieve a highly aesthetic technical effect and ensure high comfort and mechanical durability, much greater than that of traditional seams.

In sports textiles, specifically in the specific category of waterproof clothing, the technique of heat-sealed waterproof tapes is of particular interest as it allows materials to be made waterproof to water, air, and fluids in general.